How to dry Rose Petals.


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During this time of garden abundance i’m (trying) to gather as much as possible, so I can top up my supplies for the coming year. And today is the turn of the wonderful rose petal.

IMG_7266The rose is such a gentle, nurturing energy, and having dried petals is a must.

I plan to create a thankful alter in the coming weeks. It’s been on my mind for a while now, and the first item that I knew I’d need was pink rose petals – i’ll be scattering them last… But more on that when I come to it.

In previous years i’ve let the petals air dry. But a friend mentioned how she microwaves hers. (I totally gave her my ‘you what?’ face. But i’m up for trying new things.)

Let me tell you, I didn’t have much success with the microwave – mine is older than the arc, so maybe that had something to do with it. I laid the petals separately on a piece of kitchen paper, on a plate, and started with 20 second bursts. They never seemed quite dry enough (still soft and floppy,) then a macro-second later, they were fried.

Three batches on, and I didn’t have the heart to massacre any more petals, so I gave the oven a try. I laid the petals on baking paper on a tray, set the oven to 130 degrees (British speak) and popped them in. Now my oven is a new fangled, fan assisted thingy, and it did the job. Quick.

The petals started to blow about just before they’re fully dried, and each batch took a couple of minutes, max. When you first put them in, they lose all colour, which is a bit alarming. But they soon pinkened up again. IMG_7267

I gave them a good half hour to cool, and i put some kitchen towel in the bottom of an air tight jar, with a couple of drops of rose essential oil. (You could use whatever scent you’d like – perhaps Cypress oil would be good if you were looking to keep love safe… But i’ve kept with straight-up heart centre for this batch. )

IMG_7268Once I was happy they were dry and cool, and scooped them in and sealed the lid. Ready for using.

Pretty pleased with my nice quiet hour in the kitchen and garden. 🙂

J x

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How to use a Pendulum and Divination board.


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A pendulum is a weight on a length of string or chain, it can be as pretty or as plain as you desire. (Some folks advise staying away from metal, but i’ve never had any issues.)

Now, I imagine we’ve all got that someone in our family who will have a go at guessing whether the baby will be a boy or girl, using a needle or wedding ring on a thread. (That person is me in our family, in case you were wondering 😉 )

Dowsing has been used to find water, coal and metal, at different points throughout IMG_7157history. It is also the method that we use when working with pendulums to divine for answers.

A pendulum works by linking into the energies and vibrations of people and things around you.  The pendulum then transmits answers, and shows you these answers by moving in different directions.

When using a divining board, (or Answers Board) you can get accurate results to yes and no,  days of the week, time frame and astrological sign questions. And lots more.

Sit with your pendulum and cleanse the energy – either by  leaving her out in a full moon, or by burying her overnight in salt. (Return the salt to the earth once you’ve done this.) Or with a tuning fork, or even, simply by clapping your hands.

It will take a few try’s if you’ve never used one before, but let your intuition guide you. Relax, and let the pendulum dangle above the board. Think or speak your question, and wait for the pendulum to start swinging.

IMG_7158You can even get help finding lost things; like keys for instance… (I’ve tried and tested this MANY times.)  Just tell your pendulum you’ve lost your car keys, and ask for help in which room they’re in. Go and stand in each room, and if the pendulum swings too and frow, they’re not there. When she swings in a cicrcle; let the search begin!

Boy or Girl?

And just in case you were wondering; use the wedding ring of the pregnant Mama, and thread it on a piece of cotton. You can hold it above her tummy, if she’s comfortable with that, but above her open palm will work just as well. If the ring swings too and frow, it’s a boy, and in a circle is a girl.

You can change out a needle for the ring, and some use a strand of hair instead of cotton. It’s an old folklore tradition that’s been around for centuries, and is lots of fun at baby shower’s and pregnancy announcements.

The Wicca Deck by Sally Morningstar


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This is a very important deck for me ~ I always try to seek out items that have a natural witch energy.

Sally Morningstar’s Wicca Deckis one of the only decks I go to when I read for myself. It’s the deck I go to for big and complicated readings. You know when you get those feelings of confusion, and you’re carrying around a ball of churning nerves in your stomach and you don’t know why… It’s then that I go to this deck.

Let’s start with the energy. Just holding the cards in my hands is instantly calming. It’s like I feel centred in an instant. The panic of whatever the situation is takes a back seat for a minute, and I feel like I’m already getting my head above the water.

The art work by Danuta Mayer breathes Witch, with every brush stroke. It blends the guides that we turn to; Owl, Rabbit, Fox and Cat with symbols from our practice; cauldron, broomstick and Athame along with gentle reminders from the tarot and aspects of nature and the hedgwitch.

Each image has so much depth, but Sally’s guide-book is where it really all comes together. I’m an intuitive reader, and I try to hear what the cards are telling me, but with this deck I always return to the book, as there will always be a message that resonates for my and my given situation.

There are masculine energies within the deck, such as the card of The High Priest, but for me, this deck has an overall, gorgeously feminine energy, and really feels like guidance comes via the Crone and Goddess.

One of the real gems of this deck was discovering Sally’s instruction for a seven card spread ~ she demonstrates the layout of the cards, and couples them with planets, and the meanings give a BIG reading. it leaves you with a lot to think about and digest. No wonder Sally recommends that you only do it once in six months.

I’ve reviewed this deck on my youtube channel too, where you can get a really good look at the cards, and see the quality. Click here if you’d like to see it.

Bright Blessings Lovelies )0(